What I learned when my 4 year old went on a trip, and I was home with just the twins

This summer, my 4 year old took a trip with her dad for a few days, leaving me home with our 2 year old identical twin girls. I am used to taking solo trips with my girls because it’s how I get real quality time with my kids, but being the one at home was a very different experience.

Mama and Esther
Oy, I love this kid more than words can express.

5 Things I Learned When My Oldest Daughter Went On a Trip

  1. Taking care of two kids is SO MUCH easier than taking care of three kids. I know this could ruffle the feathers of some parents struggling to care for their one or two children, but I say this because I went from a family of three to a family of five in less than 30 minutes. I’m used to splitting my attention in three different directions; so going from three to two was a cake walk (comparatively).
  2. I feel fearless with two kids. I felt like I could take on the world! Running errands, grocery shopping, and impromptu trip to the beach… I can handle it solo!
  3. Caring for identical twins has its advantages. By virtue of having the same DNA, my girls have similar interests and demeanors. It was really easy distracting getting them interested in something without having to account for what their older sister wants to do. This meant a lot less fighting.
  4. Big sister is the leader. My little ones are pretty laid back, and big sister likes to make up games and different activities for them to play together. I love how they all want to play together, and the little ones definitely follow big sister’s lead! But, the noise level and overall energy in the house was definitely quieter and calmer without big sis there to rile them up (especially at bedtime).
  5. I really missed my oldest daughter. I was really ready to experience absence making the heart grow fonder, but after the first day of her trip I was more than ready to have my oldest baby girl back in my arms again. I often find myself exhausted and frustrated with her (I chalk it up to toddlerhood), but I missed her terribly. I do not like being separated from my babies and I wanted my family unit back together – as did she and her sisters.
We must be doing something right.

My girls couldn’t wait to be reunited and this warms my heart. The little ones missed their big sister, and big sister missed being home too (the first hug I received when she returned home was the best feeling ever. She just melted into my arms and I didn’t want to put her down). The early years with a young family are focused on creating a solid home and family environment and it is clear what my girls want more than anything else is just for all five of us to be together. We love taking family trips, but more than anything, we just love being together.

Mama with her girls

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