What I told my 4 year old daughter about how babies are made

Why I preemptively told my 4 year old about how babies are made

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I consider age 4 the “Year of Discovery.” My daughter is curious about the world and she’s trying to figure it out.  I do not want to lie or make stories up to avoid my discomfort.  A few weeks earlier she asked me how babies come out of mommies’ tummies, I told her some are cut out by a doctor, but mommies usually push babies out of a big hole in their vagina.  She was completely unfazed by this.  This confirms it’s not kids who make these conversations uncomfortable, it’s my own preconceived notions about “taboo” subjects which really shouldn’t be taboo.  Sex is biological, and it’s how we keep humanity going.  So it really is just a fact of life, and I was going to talk to her very matter-of-factly.

I figured it was only a matter of time before she asked how babies get into tummies, so I checked this book out of the library: “What Makes a Baby” and it’s awesome.

I wasn’t sure how to tell my daughter about the “birds and the bees,” but this book is age-appropriate for my 4 year old and it introduced the word uterus to my daughter.  It made the tampon/period conversation a little easier to navigate too.

She did not ask how the sperm and egg meet in the uterus, but I was expecting it.  If she asked, I would have said the daddy’s sperm gets to the mama’s egg when his penis touches her vagina.  (This does not take into account fertility stuff like IUI and IVF, but I’m sticking with the basics for now.)

So, I’m checking off “birds and the bees,” menstruation, and child birth off the list of tough conversations to have with my daughter.  Phew!

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