What it’s like to be on TV. I was on TV! WHAT the WHAT?!

I was invited to appear on Cleveland 19 News Live as a blogger and lifestyle expert.  I did not know I was a lifestyle expert until the host, Tia Ewing, introduced me as one (super cool)!

Click here below to watch my TV appearance!

What’s it like to be on TV?

The set is SUPER chill and quiet. I walked right into the studio like it was no big deal, but I was FREAKING OUT!  As soon as I entered the studio I could see a ton of equipment and cameras, but no cameramen.  I think the cameras are operated remotely.  The only people in the room were the TV anchors.  Where is everyone?  I got the sense the control room was not far away, but it felt like a little like Wizard of Oz with people talking to someone behind a curtain I could not see.

Green screen is where the weather maps magically appear on camera.
There were lots of cameras stationed throughout the studio space.


How are the TV hosts?

I was expecting to feel like the new kid in high school walking up to the cool kids at lunch and asking to sit at their table (does high school ever end in my head?). I mean, these people are on TV, they are famous!  Isn’t this the epitome of being the cool kid?

Truthfully, they were the most inviting and warm people I have ever met. They greeted me with a big smile and explained who will be doing my segment with me.  Duh, they are professionals and successful, of course they are not jerks!  They are on TV every day and they make it like no big deal, it’s their job and they treat it like no biggie.  Meanwhile I was ready to pee myself!  They were incredibly relaxed and jovial.  When they were not on camera they were cracking jokes, throwing stuffed toys at one another, and being very silly.  This environment certainly helped calm my jitters.

Also, there was a lot of checking make-up and hair (even the guys). I passed a small bathroom in the hallway on my way in and saw make-up and hair irons crowding the small counter space.  I did not see a hair and make-up team beyond the on-air talent themselves.  I’m glad I knew this beforehand because I was extra thoughtful putting on my own make-up at 5am that morning.

Lastly, there was also comfortable footwear. One of the anchors was pregnant and the weatherman wore sneakers.  No one is going to see their feet, so why not?  And Tia Ewing is insanely beautiful.  I felt like a cartoon character gawking at her with my eyes bugging out, but I couldn’t look away – she’s gorgeous.  I’m not the type of person to comment on someone’s physical beauty randomly, totally unprompted, especially someone I just met, but I said, “Tia, I just to say you are SO pretty.”  She was caught by surprise and said something self-deprecating, but I insisted, she’s extremely attractive.

Seriously, pictures don’t do her justice. Stunning lady.

Being on TV was surreal and SO MUCH FUN

The producer of my segment mic’d me (fitted me with a microphone clipped to my jacket), and then I immediately got anxious and could feel my body heat rising.  I kept thinking, “Don’t sweat or make a sound, they’ll hear everything!”

Right before I went on, I mentioned how nervous I was to Tia (who gave me a warm squeeze to calm my nerves). She said, “This isn’t your first time on air, is it?”  (I guess I looked like I was keeping it together pretty well.)  I confessed my on-air virginity and she was super sweet and reminded me just to be myself and I’ll be fine.

When it was go time, I just focused on the hosts and answering their questions and my talking points (which I taped to the back of the products on index cards). Watching the footage now, you can see I was nervous at the beginning, then it became easy peasy and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Being on TV, I learned I don’t like to watch myself

I have watched the video one time through it’s entirety and it’s all I need.  I am SUPER uncomfortable watching myself on screen, but I really enjoyed doing the segment!  I joked with my public relations (PR) contact that all those years of performing musicals, dance and piano recitals and being on stage has prepared me for this!  Live theater doesn’t have playback capabilities.

Tried to give back a little

One of the items I was reviewing was a chopper, which I used to bake cookies for the studio and crew the night before. I was so happy I could actually use one of the products and make a little thank you gift for the hosts, producer and PR contact.  I got some on-air time and they got an assortment of homemade cookies!  It’s an even trade, right?

Getting an on-air opportunity was never something I envisioned happening. It was such a blast to work with the PR folks, the anchors, producer and everyone at the studio.  I really couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.  TV folks – call me (or rather, shoot me an email!) let’s do it again!

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